TEDS have been featured in the MK Citizen!

MK Citizen

TEDS have been featured in the MK Citizen this week, talking about our new service. 

We are immensely appreciative to Sally Murrer at the MK Citizen for her time and efforts in supporting us to raise awareness within the field of eating disorders.

Recovery is possible. However, the lack of funding amongst various other systemic issues often prevents individuals from receiving timely and effective treatment, which is sadly not just the case in Milton Keynes, but all over the U.K. This often means that people do not receive support when they are early on in an Eating Disorder, but rather when it has set in, more established, ingrained and has consequently caused a great deal of distress to that individual and their loved ones. 

TEDS hopes to help fill the void that exists in eating disorder provision. We are passionate about working alongside individuals whilst they are living their lives, to help the stay engaged and progress in eating disorder recovery.

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