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We are passionate about providing you with treatment that is flexible and can realistically fit in with your lifestyle.

We are unique from other services because we provide highly specialist treatment that is based on an integrative therapy approach.

In other words, we offer treatment that addresses you as a whole person, considering your past, present and future challenges that may be holding you back from achieving your own recovery. 

We look forward to working with you,

Rachael & Clare

Clare M Steedman

Clinical Director

HCPC and The Royal Collage of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) registered

Clare is a leading Specialist Occupational Therapist within the field of Eating Disorders, as well as a Systemic Psychotherapy Practitioner and the Co- Founder of TEDS.

Clare has extensive experience of working alongside adults with Eating Disorders, both within in-patient, day patient and community contexts and is a former Lead Specialist Occupational Therapist at Vivre Care. She has conducted various Eating Disorder training seminars throughout her career and has also been involved in research within the field. Clare is also trained and highly experienced in administering the Eating and Meal Preparation Skills Assessment, which is the only tool of its kind that focuses on how an individual engages in all food-related tasks.

As a result of this vast experience, Clare identified that there was all too often a lack of provision for adults who were living in the community with Eating Disorders. Many years of collaborating with clients and their families in various Eating Disorder Services provided Clare not only with the insight into how life can be negatively impacted by these illnesses, but also how individuals can make a full recovery and live an amazingly meaningful life if they can access treatment which is tailored to their individual needs.

Hence, when sharing these ideas with a colleague Rachael, who was working alongside Clare within an Eating Disorder service, a mutual passion for improving community Eating Disorder provision was established, as well as a friendship. TEDS was thus founded, based on the fundamental aim of providing a compassionate community service for adults who are living everyday life with an Eating Disorder and would like to learn the skills to be able to move into their own recovery.

Rachael Alder-Byrne

Clinical Director

HCPC and The British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) registered

Rachael is a specialist Art Psychotherapist within the field of Eating Disorders, as well as an EMDR Therapist and the Co- Founder of TEDS.

Rachael began studying art and design having a keen interest in creativity before moving onto exploring a passion in people. Whilst completing a BSc in Psychology she worked alongside a mental health charity followed by supporting families overseen by social services. Having focused her dissertation on eating disorders and closely following the research thereafter, Rachael worked in a private care home offering support to individuals struggling with severe and enduring eating disorders. This is where she met Clare where they soon bonded a friendship.

After seeing the impact of a safe and creative space that art therapy could offer the clients, she decided to complete an MA in art psychotherapy while the opportunity arose to work alongside residents in that capacity. During this time Rachael gained experience working in community mental health services in the NHS, spent time offering group and 1:1 art psychotherapy within a secure psychiatric unit and within a hospice supporting adults in palliative care and their families. Working in mental health for fourteen years, twelve of which have been specialised in eating disorders, Rachael Undertook a qualification in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) after recognising it as a useful tool whilst working with trauma.

Rachael and Clare continued being close friends as well as building a strong professional therapeutic team, linking and complimenting their skills to support those suffering with complex eating disorders. Seeing a much needed gap in community support, and for those struggling to access services, Rachael and Clare focused their knowledge and experience to reach people who may be looking to recover from their eating disorders whilst managing the demands of busy life, and thus TEDS was born.

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