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We at TEDS feel so privileged to work with our clients, who all allow us to share a personal and often difficult part of their journey with us.

It never ceases to amaze us how individual that journey is with everyone that we meet. Of course, as mentioned, this can be a challenging time but the small movements that we see towards recovery make it even more special.

TEDS wanted to share a recent piece of feedback from one of our clients who was happy for us to share with you. It should go without saying that the hard work was all theirs but feedback that helps us understand if we are supporting them to move forward is invaluable and fills us with joy.  

I feel absolutely privileged and honoured to be a ‘founder’ client of TEDS. TEDS arrived and rescued me at I time when I had been most in need of help. But TEDS picked me up. TEDS picks me up every time I fall down. (And that’s a lot of times!) I know both Rach and Clare are there for me.

They pick me back up, provide support and help me carry on. They don’t just care for me, they care about me.

Feeling genuinely cared about, is a very difficult feeling to find, especially in the care services.Too often are you just another patient, just another number, just another folder, just another person with an eating disorder. But TEDS is so very different. I know I am none of these.

My care is tailored to me. There are no external targets, deadlines, tick boxes that dictate the care Rach and Clare deliver to me. It is at a pace that is suited to me. Rach and Clare provide what I need when I need it. Although, in comparison to my duration of being ill with anorexia, my treatment has been short, but intense.

During the last 2 years I have come across countless ‘professionals’ in the field of eating disorders, but Rach and Clare are 2 of the very very few that have stood out for me.

It is quality not quantity. Between Rach and Clare, they have an abundance of skills and expertise to cover every aspect of recovery. This is very apparent in my sessions.

I ALWAYS feel cared about, listened too and understood.

Having TEDS has been a lifeline for me.

When I feel I have nothing left, Rach and Clare remind me they are holding ‘hope’. Recovering from an eating disorder is never a linear journey, this is something TEDS really does understand- more than most services ever will, it is unique in its approach.

I know now that I have TEDS, I will be able to continue my recovery journey and I will not be doing this alone. For, I have Rach and Clare with me to help, support and guide me and most importantly of all…

I trust them to hold my care.


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